Crypto Bull and Bear | C.B.B. Group © is a group of blockchain enthusiasts from
Germany who offer real value to their members and partners. Our team comprises
experts from various fields with many years of experience. We have built a vast
network of reputable partners in the crypto industry over the years, and we
prioritize security and quality over quantity.

At C.B.B. Group ©, we represent both established projects and startups, providing
them with the necessary support and preparation to add value to the project and
the community. We believe that “the investment of the community and the project
must be protected.” We are committed to bringing projects together, providing
guidance and education to the community.


Our platform not only shares knowledge about crypto but also serves as a meeting
point for potential partnerships of crypto projects, launchpads, and communities.
We have strict rules and guidelines for successful partnerships, which help us fight
against fraud, rip-offs, and damage to legitimate projects. Our goal is to promote
mutual exchange and development of crypto projects.